19 de agosto de 2016

Tortilla vegana con algas y tomates secos // Vegan Spanish Omelette with Seaweed and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

♥ 4 patatas
♥ 1 cebolla
 2 dientes de ajo
 medio calabacin
 3-4 tomates secos
 1/2 taza de algas wakame u otras
 7-8 cdas de harina de garbanzo
 7-8 cdas de agua
♥ aceite vegetal
♥ sal
  1. Ponemos en remojo las algas unas 4 horas antes y los tomates secos medio hora antes. Si las algas vienen en tiras las cortamos en tiras más cortas y picamos los tomates secos. Cortamos las patatas en rodajas o trozos pequeños, picamos las cebolla, los ajos, cortamos en rodajas el calabacin. 
  2. Freímos las patatas en abundante aceite, cuando estén listas, las escurrimos y retiramos el exceso de aceite con papel de cocina, comprobamos el punto de sal. 
  3. Sofreímos la cebolla con el ajo y los tomates secos,cuando la cebolla empiece a ponerse transparente añadimos el calabacín y cocinamos 5 minutos más hasta que se ponga blando.
  4. En un bol ponemos la harina de garbanzos y vamos agregando el agua poco a poco y removiendo continuamente hasta que tenga una consistencia similar a un huevo batido.
  5. Mezclamos bien las patatas, las verduras y las algas con "el huevo".
  6. Engrasamos una sartén con un poco de aceite y vertemos la masa. Agitamos la sartén de vez en cuando para que no se pegue la tortilla. Después de unos minutos le damos la vuelta con la ayuda de un plato y la cocinamos por el otro lado. Le damos varias vueltas para que quede mejor hecha por dentro.
  7. Dejamos reposar la tortilla unos 10-15 minutos para que no se deshaga.

Read this recipe in English below

♥ 4 potatoes
♥ 1 onion
♥ 2 garlic cloves
♥ 1 medium zucchini
♥ 3-4 sun-dried tomatoes
♥ 1/2 cup wakame seaweed or other variety
♥ 5-6 tbsp chickpea flour
♥ 3-4 tbsp water
♥ vegetable oil, as needed
♥ salt to taste

  1. Soak the seaweed for a minimum of 4 hours and soak sun-dried tomatoes half an hour before cooking. If the seaweed comes in strips cut into shorter strips and chop the sundried tomatoes. Cut potatoes into slices, chop the onion, garlic, cut zucchini into rounds.
  2. Fry the potatoes in hot oil. When they are ready, drain them and remove excess oil with paper towel.
  3. Stir-fry the onion with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, when the onion starts to turn trasluscent add zucchini slices and cook  for 5 minutes until soft.
  4. In a bowl add the chickpea flour and add the water slowly stirring continuously until it has a consistency of a beaten egg .
  5. Mix well potato slices, vegetables and the seaweed with the chickpea "egg".
  6. Grease the pan with oil and pour the mix. Shake the pan occasionally to avoid the omelette from sticking. After few minutes turn the omelette (help yourself with a big flat dish putting it on top of the pan) and cook on the other side. Repeat the process several times to cook the omlette well inside.
  7. Let stand the omelette for 10-15 minutes before serving.

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              1. Hi.

                I tried this recipe and failed miserably (I ended up with not enough batter and too many veggies): could you estimate the weights required for each ingredient, please?

                1. Hi!
                  Usually we never weight the ingredients to cook tortillas. Surely, you would need to add a little more water to the "egg" mixture. If you explain me exactly what happened to your tortilla, I can help :)

                2. Hi.

                  Thanks for getting back to me. Here's what happened:

                  It really seemed like there was just not enough batter/egg mix to fully coat/cover all of the veggies. Instead of a thick batter with the other ingredients inside, it was more like there was a thin coating of the batter on everything.

                  When I put it in the pan to start frying it and then tried to turn it a few minutes later, everything just fell apart. We ended up with the veggies just mixed together with what batter mixture we had made. It was all very tasty, so well done there, but it looked nothing like what I had been expecting, and certainly nothing like your yummy looking picture.

                3. Probably you need to use more "egg" mixture or less vegetables.

                  Check this other recipe, there is a picture of the final mix. It's made of boiled potatoes and I smashed them a little bit so the mix looks a little bit different if you use fried potatoes. Anyway it's not easy to make a perfect Spanish omlette :)


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